Type:  Part-time internship

Supervisor:  Social Media Manager

Location:  Insert State  or highlight REMOTE 

Stipend: $250/month (can be waived if restricted for course credit or academic reasons)

Term: June 15-, 2021 to December 15, 2021 (Start and end dates are flexible; typical duration of an internship is 4 months and may be eligible for renewal.)


National Cannabis Party 


At its core foundation , NCP is a grassroots organization, led by a Board of Directors. As a party, we work together, state by state, jurisdiction by jurisdiction, and hand in hand with cannabis leaders, and organizations to drive laws, and regulations that help legacy and social equity cannabis focused small business entrepreneurs, to survive and that benefit the people!


NCP mobilizes and empowers people to participate in the political process, pushing for fair and inclusive policies, processes and practices to achieve a safer and more just way of life, while fighting back against counterproductive Drug War policies, particularly those that directly harm Cannabis supporters.

Core cultural values

  • Focused Passion

  • Efficiency

  • Transparency

  • Humility

  • Optimism

  • Inclusiveness

  • Light-heartedness

  • Diligence

  • Objectivity

  • Consistency


The position

The Social Media Intern is primarily responsible for developing and implementing strategies to grow NCP’s digital presence and keep our social media channels updated and active in support of our mission and goals. The Social Media Intern works with the Communications and Social Media Managers  to create compelling images and text, engage with our followers, create and track insightful metrics on various platforms, and optimize NCP’s effectiveness in policy change, education, direct action, event planning, fundraising, and other areas of grassroots organizing using our digital presence. Additionally, the Social Media Intern will create resources for individual chapters to grow and best use their online presence. The Social Media Manager communicates with staff, members of the Board of Directors, alumni, and other members of the NCP network to collect and share compelling content.



  • Maintain regular, compelling activity on NCP social media accounts 

  • Curate and create compelling content for social media, including memes

  • Strictly adhere to NCP’s brand and messaging, ensuring uniformity between channels and communicating with the Brand Manager as needed

  • Post content as requested by Staff and Board members

  • Encourage and support chapters in making their own social media pages

  • Develop creative ways to increase our social media presence, growing and strengthening our network and relationships with allied organizations

  • Assist staff to create and promote channel-specific campaigns and develop insightful 

  • Aid Social Media Manager in developing ways to streamline accounts, including those of individual chapters

  • Ensure significant NCP events are live tweeted (including retweets, particularly if no NCP members  are in attendance) by enlisting members to participate

  • Monitor and replying to tweets, comments, and direct messages when appropriate

  • Attend a bi-weekly External Communications tactical meeting



  • Regular, compelling, and on-message posts from NCPs social media accounts, including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube. 

  • Social Media Best Practices resource for chapter use

  • Outward facing list of chapter social media accounts



Ideal candidates for this position are friendly, energetic, tech-savvy, accountable, creatives for reliable.

Necessary skills and experience: 

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills

  • Exceptional attention to detail

  • In-depth working knowledge of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and Youtube

  • Strong understanding of youth communication trends including memes, messaging shorthand, and pop culture references

  • 3+ years active on social media, preferably with experience moderating/managing non-personal accounts

  • Ability to work collaboratively with our team including staff, Directors of the Board, and individual Chapters

  • Demonstrated willingness and ability to adhere to strict data and record keeping practices 

  • Proficiency in the use of the Google Apps for Business suite; strong ability to use and understand web-based programs


Terms of internship

  • NCP offers a stipend of $250 per month for interns. This can be waived if a student forgoes it in order to earn school credit, or due to other academic restrictions.

  • Interns are classified as Contractors and are therefore not eligible for employee benefits, but are encouraged to leverage the internship experience for career advancement. Upon completion of the internship, individuals may request a letter of recommendation from their staff supervisor. 


The National Cannabis Party is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Women or non-binary people, people of color, and people with disabilities are encouraged to apply. We are particularly interested in hiring those who have been adversely affected by the War on Drugs.